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We have this crazy idea that companies exist to serve their customers.

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The road to customer experience

We started as a custom software development company way back in 2000.  Remember 2000?  Windows ME, the Dot Com bubble bursting, and seven years before smartphones.  A little company called Google had just gotten started the year before.  The Web was still in its awkward adolescence, but we had a fundamental belief that computers existed to serve people and make them happy. We concentrated on user experience design, and learned that it was essential to focus on the humans, not the computers.


Fast-forward a decade or so; we found that many of the technology challenges we were being asked to solve were actually people and organizational challenges.  Organizations spent a fortune deploying technology, expecting it to be the silver bullet that would solve all their problems, only to discover that automating a bad process gives you a faster bad process. Our mastery of technology enabled us to look up from our keyboards once in a while to help recognize and address those people problems.  We began helping our clients use technology to make their customers happier.


Simultaneously, we discovered that our CEO had a problem.  He had a serious, crippling addiction to all things Disney, and especially Walt Disney World.  He had become fascinated by the way they ran their organization, by how a 60,000+ employee site in Florida could consistently create and deliver magic to millions of visitors every year. Before the term “customer experience” became widespread, he became a customer experience nerd.


He went to classes and conferences, reading every book on the subject he could find.  He interviewed every customer service expert who would talk to him. He started blogging. He discovered that the same principles that underpinned software user experience design also applied to customer experience design. Instead of engineering software to make users happy, customer experience is all about engineering companies to make customers happy.  Better yet, doing so made those companies grow, increasing revenue and profits.


As he became obsessed we tried to stop him, begged him to go to CEO rehab, but without success.  He started teaching everyone in the company what he had learned. He became a speaker for Vistage, the CEO coaching organization, and now wanders the world spreading his message. He keeps babbling about Zappos and Amazon, Wawa and Apple. He mastered the “Disney point” and insists on saying “my pleasure” like he works at Chick-fil-A. He wears mouse ears in meetings. It’s embarrassing.


While we still deliver amazing technology services under our Jacquette Technologies division, our core focus is now helping organizations master the skills of customer experience design.  We want them to benefit from the same lessons that drive growth, profitability, and mastery of their market segments, and maybe have some fun while they’re doing it.

We also believe in Awesomeness, which is the name we give to our values.

We bring these values to everything we do.

Strive for mastery. We bring proven expertise to everything we do, and it shows in the results we create for our clients. We pride ourselves on being skilled experts with knowledge across multiple areas. We take pride in the quality of what we produce without being arrogant know-it-alls who don’t listen. We are always learning, improving and becoming more awesome.


Be endlessly curious.  We’re curious about everything – people, technology, chocolate – you name it.  By indulging our natural curiosity, we learn more about our clients and their goals and invest in their success.  That positions us to help our clients achieve and exceed those goals in the best possible way.

Create fun and energy. Our clients love working with us. When everyone is energized and passionate about the work, great things happen. If we don’t create an excellent and enjoyable experience for everyone with whom we work then we didn’t do our job.


Unleash your imagination. We peek around corners, throw lessons learned from completely different disciplines at our clients’ challenges, and approach problems like no other company.  Every client we work with has ingenuity and creativity just waiting to be unleashed; by bringing our own we help you accomplish the most astonishing things.

Be aggressively honest.  Our transparent, straightforward, and honest way of approaching things means our clients are always aware of and in control of their projects. We’d rather tell you a truth that makes us uncomfortable; only by sharing the same information can we solve problems together.


Do big, interesting things.  We have a desire to not just accomplish the goal, but an intrinsic drive to seize every opportunity to create awesomeness. We won’t just achieve the acceptable, we’ll help our clients achieve the amazing.

Not our fault, but our responsibility.  Everything worth doing has its challenges, and sometimes those challenges come from sources beyond our control. Some companies would throw their hands up and protest, “not our fault!” You never hear that from us; we recognize that our ultimate responsibility is the success of our colleagues and our clients. Part of fulfilling that big responsibility is taking care of all the little things along the way.


Assume good intent. We believe that people are inherently good, fair, and honest, and that each person is trying to solve problems in the best way that he or she knows. We want our colleagues and our clients to know that, even during difficult and challenging moments, each of us will be kind, understanding, and supportive.

Create long-term, meaningful relationships. There are many, many ways to create and run a successful business, but we’ve intentionally chosen a field in which we get to help others be successful and achieve their goals. We strongly believe that mutual trust and respect are necessary for both great business projects and great relationships, and many of our toughest business decisions are guided by the answer to the question, “How would you handle this if the client was your nearest, dearest, childhood friend?” The best part of our work is the many friends we’ve made along the way.


Practice awesomeness. “Awesomeness” isn’t just a word that means great or fantastic.  We take it literally – awesomeness is the creation of awe.  Amazement. Delight. Surprised wonder. We want to be more than just excellent at what we do, we want to create awe. We want our clients to be happy to see us, our colleagues to be excited and proud to be part of our organization, and our rivals to be just a tiny bit envious. Awesomeness is mastery and curiosity, fun and energy, imagination and honesty. It’s reaching for the stars while still taking responsibility for litter on the ground. It’s investing in long-term, genuine relationships with others, because one must stand on the shoulders of giants to touch the sky. That’s what awesomeness is, and that’s what we do.