We’ve done similar projects with skin imaging for multiple companies in the consumer products and cosmetics industries.

First System

Our first system helped our client understand how various over-the-counter cosmetic products impacted the skin of customers over time. By using different wavelengths of light we were able to highlight skin issues like damage from sunlight, redness, and clogged pores.  Our client would take this unit to trade shows:  as soon as potential customers saw their own images with the highlighted issues, they would quickly buy the recommended cosmetic products.

Second System

Our second system provided a specially built 3D imaging system for measuring wrinkles.  Digital “prosumer”-grade cameras can take very high resolution photographs, but synchronizing four of them to produce a three-dimensional image turned out to be a challenge.  Our client needed to be able to ensure consistent lighting from image to image, and also wanted to be able to use lighting in very narrow spectra to highlight specific properties of the patient’s skin. Typical off-the-shelf flash units wouldn’t sync precisely enough with the camera shutter to ensure consistent lighting of the test subject. We addressed the timing issue with custom hardware and software to manage the camera control. We addressed the lighting challenge by creating custom lighting units made up of LEDs. We also designed and created the control circuitry necessary to drive the LEDs and coordinate the lighting with the camera’s exposure; once designed, we custom-machined the light unit housings and circuit boards using our in-house C&C machine.

Third System

For our third system, we developed image processing algorithms that were prototyped in IDL, an older programming language that lends itself to image analysis.  Once we confirmed that the algorithms worked as planned, we rewrote them in C++ so they could be run on an Android device.  Implementing the software on Android enabled our client to provide handheld units to staff in cosmetic ships; the device analyses the state of the skin and recommends various cosmetic products.