The Business Case for Customer Experience

This week we’re releasing our latest white paper, More Than a Fad: The Business Case for Customer Experience. In the paper, I examine several different sources of quantifiable data that show a strong connection between customer experience investment and concrete financial outcomes.

While there are many, many papers and articles out there that argue for the value of customer experience, very few of them back up that argument with hard numbers.  The concept makes such intuitive sense that many authors don’t bother to test the hypothesis with real data.  Fortunately, there are several good studies out there. Those are the ones upon which our paper is built.

The data remains imperfect.  Each of the studies I found focuses on large, public, and mostly retail organizations.  It’s easy to see why: those are the organizations for which both financial and customer experience data are available.  Internally, we’re working on a study that focuses on smaller, privately-held organizations.  We’re also working on demonstrating the same sort of customer experience value for business-to-business companies.

The existing data clearly makes the business case for customer experience.  The next step is to understand how that case applies to you and your organization.

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