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    Check out this episode to learn about:

    • The field of rescue and robotics and the challenges it faces.
    • The limitations of using autonomous robots in a disaster situation.
    • How one might enter the field of disaster robotics.






    Dr. Robin Murphy is the Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University, and is the director of the Humanitarian Robotics and AI laboratory. She is the co-founder of the field of disaster robotics and founder of  Roboticist Without Borders, a volunteer program that provides unmanned system experts trained in emergency and equipment to agencies.

    In this episode of the Roboticist, talks about the origins of the field of rescue robotics, the challenges involved with using robotics in a rescue situation, and where these devices are headed in the future.

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    Check out this episode to learn about:

    • The difficulties in creating automation in the workforce
    • The benefits of using robots that are intelligent and adaptable.
    • Tips on how to most effectively create robots for businesses.





    Rosanna Myers is the CEO of Carbon Robotics, a firm that makes advanced robotics dramatically more accessible to help solve some of society’s more intractable problems. She has also been recognized as one of Forbes 30 Under 30. In this episode of the Roboticist, Rosanna discusses some of the inherit difficulties for businesses to add automation to their processes.

  • https://youtu.be/Eur2-kSM1I0

    Check out this episode to learn about:

    • The types of people/organizations that may benefit from robotics investment advice
    • An outlook on the investment potential in robotics
    • How to best invest in robotics




    Robert Cheek is the Head of Business Development at UVify and is the winner of multiple awards at CES for their racing drones, as well as a research analyst at HMC Investment Securities. He is also known as Robb the Robot Guy, a research and advisory firm that helps investors and companies make robotics investment decisions with confidence.

    In this episode, Robert talks about the growing opportunities for individuals and companies to invest, both materially and financially,  in the field of robotics, and how to best approach investing.

  • https://youtu.be/sauuL9_QnAM

    Check out this episode to learn about:

    • The best time to start getting kids excited about using AI and learning STEM.
    • How to expose kids to STEM skills at an early age.
    • Giving all kids, regardless of background and gender, access to technology.






    Dr. J. MacCalla is the CEO at Zyrobotics, a company whose passion is creating technology that will enhance the quality of life for children, by leveling the playing field in a child’s ability to learn. They accomplish this through a series of STEM products ranging from apps to robots. In this episode, Dr. MacCalla shares her views on ensuring that all children are given access to the technology that sparks a kid’s interest in STEM.

    In this episode, Jim shares some tips on how your business and marketing team can best approach incorporating artificial intelligence into your marketing plans.

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