Our Approach

Our design process will help you create exceptional human experiences that amaze and delight.

Process Chart

CX Leadership Alignment

Great customer experience starts with clarity and alignment at the top.  Our CX Leadership Alignment begins with a First Impression Assessment.  We evaluate your website, your phone presence, and (where appropriate) your physical facilities through the eyes of a new potential customer trying to learn about and buy from your organization. We provide an initial report that establishes your CX baseline, along with some initial recommendations for simple improvements.

After delivering the First Impressions Assessment, we conduct an on-site one-day Customer Experience Workshop with your leadership team. The workshop includes:

  • An interactive and engaging presentation describing the fundamentals of good customer experience design and why it is essential to company growth. The presentation describes the Customer Experience Lifecycle and how it enables your organization to create exceptional customer experience.
  • Breakout sessions where we work with your team to define your organization’s ideal customer, your common purpose, and who will be the primary owner of the organization’s ongoing customer experience.

At the conclusion of this phase, you will have:

  • An understanding of how potential new customers perceive your organization.
  • A unified and aligned leadership team ready to design an exceptional customer experience.
  • A high-level approach to implementing the customer experience lifecycle in your organization.
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Assess & Plan

During the Assess & Plan phase, our CX consultants work directly with your organization’s staff to perform our Customer Experience Quick Start readiness assessment to thoroughly understand what your customers’ specific needs and wants are, analyze your current CX capabilities and identify areas of weakness and strength throughout your existing customer journey.

This comprehensive internal organizational CX audit will gage where your company’s existing customer experience succeeds and fails in relation to what your customers truly think and feel, as well as, uncover vital insights:

  • How aligned and supportive your employees are to Leadership’s vision and purpose.
  • Which touch points during the customer journey are successful and which ones fail at making your customers truly happy.
  • What are past, current and potential customers seeking from you and your competitors and how you stand in comparison.

With the assessment’s findings, we are able to identify where there are gaps in your customer experience and will develop a plan which provides:

  • Identification of the areas that require immediate resolution based on your goals and objectives.
  • Direction on what is required in terms of commitment and resources to improve those areas.
  • Recommendations on steps to take that can show immediate results to achieve short-term wins and R.O.I.

Design & Implement

A well-designed customer experience has four major components: People, Process, Setting and Technology. The effectiveness of these core areas is intended to influence and direct all aspects of your business in order to create an emotional connection with your customers. At the end of the day, the goal is to create Fanatical customers that are more engaged, happier and loyal to your brand.

Based on the Quick Start analysis’ findings, we will work with you to design and implement the first iteration of our Customer Experience Lifecycle (CXLC) that details: recommendations, corresponding responsibilities and tasks to be performed, and improvement areas that can commence right away.
These may include:

  • Cultural enhancements to better influence your people’s behavior.
  • Technology advancements to improve internal operations and customer interaction.
  • Process improvements to ensure customers’ wants and needs are priority one.

The CXLC is a continuous process of improvements that is customized specific to your company’s needs and requirements on either a smaller iterative-scale or larger holistic-scale. Once integrated into your organization, you can begin right away to independently operate the Lifecycle and will be in control of ongoing refinements.

Implementation consists of:

  • Working side-by-side with your team until a seamless hand off is appropriate.
  • Provide ongoing support and resources for your team if needed.
  • Manage against a flexible project plan with key milestones.
  • Ongoing improvement assessment prior to a new initiative is designed and launched.

Measure & Adapt

The final step is to constantly and purposefully measure and improve the customer experience by understanding your customers’ needs, wants, and engagement levels.

We will help you evaluate the results of your CX efforts on a continuous and consistent basis. Utilizing multiple diverse tools to engage as many current, former, and potential customers as possible, we will drive insights through both qualitative and quantitative research, mine existing in-house data, and install a key Customer Experience Indicator (CEI) in order to create a complete data view.

This includes:

  • Business performance metrics such as revenue, profit, NPS and customer retention and acquisition goals.
  • Monitoring of social channels to gauge overall customer happiness or dissatisfaction with the changes made.
  • Capturing direct customer feedback using research methods such as online surveys to obtain directional insights for improvements.

When initiatives are not exceeding your customers’ expectations, modifications need to be made. We can continue to work with you to make these improvements or step aside if you want to proceed independently. In either case, our Customer Experience Design Process will enable your organization to design exceptional Customer Experiences that puts your customer at the center of everything you do.

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