Freedom through technology: Changing how kids learn with Dr. MacCalla

Check out this episode to learn about:

  • The best time to start getting kids excited about using AI and learning STEM.
  • How to expose kids to STEM skills at an early age.
  • Giving all kids, regardless of background and gender, access to technology.



Dr. J. MacCalla is the CEO at Zyrobotics, a company whose passion is creating technology that will enhance the quality of life for children, by leveling the playing field in a child’s ability to learn. They accomplish this through a series of STEM products ranging from apps to robots. In this episode, Dr. MacCalla shares her views on ensuring that all children are given access to the technology that sparks a kid’s interest in STEM.

In this episode, Jim shares some tips on how your business and marketing team can best approach incorporating artificial intelligence into your marketing plans.

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