Creating Better Ways to Learn with Dr. Andrés Fortino, PhD

Check out this episode to learn about:

  • Creating personalized learning journeys
  • How rapid assessments increase learning performance
  • The optimal studying formula



Dr. Andrés Fortino is a thought leader, author, speaker, inventor, and educator. He’s authored eight books and 40 publications on innovation, invention, IT, higher education and entrepreneurship. Dr. Fortino is also the Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer for Autonomous Professional Development, which uses proprietary autonomous education systems to measure an individual’s professional knowledge and advise them on reaching their learning goals.

In this episode of The Roboticist we took a turn from our usual robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence-focused discussion to focus on learning. Dr. Andrés Fortino tells us about how assessments can help create personalized learning journeys, how rapid assessments can increase learning performance and ensure quality learning, and the optimal studying formula (hint: there are no shortcuts!).

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