About the Client

ImageFIRST is the largest and fastest growing provider of healthcare laundry services to medical practices throughout the continental United States and Puerto Rico. They deliver clean, sanitized, and individually packaged sheets, robes, lab coats, gowns, and other textiles to their customers; the customers then return the soiled linens for cleaning. They serve hospitals, clinics and medical practices. The people who benefit from their services are the medical professionals and their patients who rely on sanitary, safe conditions.

The Challenge

A key component of ImageFIRST’s growth strategy is to continuously find ways to improve and enhance their customer relationships. They have used technology throughout their business to help achieve this strategy. The company had built a custom, organization-specific technology platform upon which to run their business. While the platform was both functional and stable, it had not evolved with how customers desire engagement and lacked the connectivity required for today’s smart phones. ImageFIRST needed another way to innovate and use customer experience design as a driver for growth.

Our Approach

Our initial engagement assessed the existing platform’s stability, security, and ability to support ImageFIRST’s future plans.  Our assessment included a series of observations and recommendations to better position the company for future growth. This assessment helped ImageFIRST identify gaps in their software platform and its effects on the customer experience. They then began to implement our recommendations and engaged us to design solutions that would enhance how externally-facing employees and customers access each other.

What We Created

Access to Instant Service


To better enable customers to escalate issues as quickly as possible, we worked with ImageFIRST to create the Instant Service app, a mobile application that provides one-button communication with the driver, the customer’s assigned service manager, and ImageFIRST’s head of service. The app is simple and straightforward; based on the user’s contact information, it automatically provides the correct contacts for the driver and assigned service manager; pressing a button dials the appropriate contact’s phone number.


Its availability sends a strong message to both the customers and the ImageFIRST team:  if there’s an issue, we want to know about it right away and we want to make it as simple as possible for the customer to bring it to our attention.


Building Good Will

We worked with ImageFIRST to develop the Good Will app for their Service Leaders (sales team). Presented as a mobile app but implemented as a web-based application, the Good Will app is designed to facilitate customer visits by ImageFIRST’s service leaders. The app walks each service leader through a list of questions to ask. Each question uncovers any underlying service issues or unmet customer needs that may create new service opportunities. The app provides video and other media to support the call, and at the conclusion of the call, it logs the visit in ImageFIRST’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It helps make the call an interactive, collaborative experience rather than a salesperson delivering a canned pitch.


The app’s integration with the CRM enables upper management to ensure that the service leaders are meeting their obligations while also keeping an eye on the happiness of the customers.

The Outcome

These two examples show how we helped ImageFIRST identify and design solutions to improve the level of service their customers receive. While both applications provide specific functions for their business, they deliver a much larger benefit. They improve the value of the relationship between ImageFIRST and its customers. It is because of this and the philosophy that ImageFIRSTcustomers’ satisfaction is priority, that enables them to lead the category.