Customer Experience: What and Why

Customer experience isn’t black magic.  It’s a science.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience (CX) is simple:  it’s the sum total of all experiences that a person has with your organization and brand.


CX is more than customer service.  Customer service is the transactional part of a person’s relationship with you, the part where they interact with your people and your systems to achieve a goal like buying your product or getting a refund.  Customer service is an essential and important part of customer experience, but it’s not the whole thing.


Customer experience includes everything that affects how people think about you.  Is your website old and clunky? Does your customer service phone line ring too many times? Are your staff members cheerful? All of these, for better or for worse, create the customer experience.


Customer experience isn’t always under your control.  Did you get a bad review on Yelp?  Is a disgruntled customer saying bad things about you?  What about the ecstatic customer that raves about you?  Your control over these parts of the experience are limited, but they still impact how people think about you.


Paradoxically, customer experience isn’t even limited to your customers.  If a former customer says terrible things about you and makes possible customers non-customers, that’s part of your customer experience.


Most customer experience evolves organically as a company grows, creating pockets of inconsistency and poor experiences. Great customer experiences must be designed.



That’s what we do.

Why CX?

Companies that design and deliver exceptional customer experience outperform their competition in every meaningful way.


Customers of companies that deliver exceptional CX:

  • Are more loyal. They stay with the company and are less susceptible to price competition.
  • Spend more. They’re willing to make larger and larger purchases.
  • Are willing to accept new products and services.  Remember when Amazon just sold books, or when Apple just sold computers?
  • Tell their friends.  Happy customers create word-of-mouth marketing, and that’s the best kind.


Companies that create exceptional experiences grow their revenues and increase their profit margins.

Learn how we create exceptional customer experiences.